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A music festival. On the Silver Screen


For one day, we take over a movie theater and fill its screens with back-to-back movies about music. Concert films. Documentaries. Biopics. There’s even a block of music videos shown on the big screen. We pick unique theaters with the best projection, and the best sound, because sound is MORE than half the picture when it comes to these movies. This is more than going to the movies… it’s an experience!


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Tailored to your town.


Cacophony! is a touring festival. Look for us coming to a town near you! Furthermore, our lineup is curated so that each city will get something different. We will have featured attractions that will play in multiple cities, but each town will see something the other cities haven’t seen! and like a concert tour, t-shirts, posters and music will be on sale at the venue! Did you miss getting an item at the festival? Check our online store for that awesome shirt you had your eye on!



One from the vaults.


Woodstock. The song remains the same. the last waltz. stop making sense. though music films have been a mainstay since sound was first introduced in movies, there are a few that remain touchstones to a generation, and define the genre even today. It’s hard to get an opportunity to see these classics in the proper setting of a theater, but we are striving to change that! in each city, we will feature a classic presented on the big screen, in the best possible format and with the best possible sound available to us! because if you’ve only seen your favorite concert on your TV at home, you haven’t truly lived it yet!



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